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Biomass combustion installations converting your waste into precious energy

Biomass combustion installations

Why should waste products from your agricultural, food or wood processing activities be a cost if they can be converted into precious CO2 – neutral energy?


Engineering of your Biomass combustion installation

Analysis of your solid biomass fuel, your energy needs and engineering of your installation

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Installation of your Biomass combustion installation

Installation and start-up of your biomass storage, handling and combustion system

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After Sales Service

Service and maintenance of your Biomass combustion installation

Provided by the same specialists who have designed and installed your biomass combustion system

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A sustainable partnership to reduce your energy costs and your worries

Your dependence on external energy suppliers and your worries about the unpredictability of the energy market will be over as soon as you start converting your biomass into energy in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

With a biomass combustion system that: